Stain & Odour Treatment

Accidents happen right?

So removing stains is part of our day to day job, some require special spotting treatments, some require more advanced stain removal methods. 

We know our customers are only human, you are going to give that stain a go before calling in a professional, so if you do our best advice is to – 

– Mop up the excess.
– Press a White Towel/Cloth/Kitchen Roll on the spill to soak up as much moisture as possible, keep repeating this until there is no more moisture or colouring transferring over.
– Then get a clean, damp towel & press on top of the affected area once again to try & complete the stain removal.

If anything still remains call us immediately to book in the stain removal appointment & if you have followed the steps above you have given us the best possible chance of removing your stain 100%.  

Shop brought products will ruin (and bleach in some cases) your carpets so are not recommended, that being said to give our clients peace of mind, we do sell our very own spot & stain removers which are safe for all carpet types! They can be delivered to anywhere in the UK.